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Get Off the Dental Treadmill Podcast: Great Dentistry by Dentists Who Lead

Apr 28, 2019

Outside Eyes, Soft Skills, and Knowing Your Limits.

These are 3 keys to success that we will explore today. Understanding that as the business owner, you need to be able to nurture talent, create an environment of trust, and follow through on your vision, is just about as important as all of the process that you have in place. People have an annoying habit of being human, but we are here to help you navigate the water of business ownership with ease.

By bringing outside eyes into your business, you will find ways to grow your business!

Dr. Sten Ericson owns 2 practices with a team and patient base that has quadrupled in size over the last 4 years. He is a Kois graduate and a board member of the AACD’s Public Education Committee, along with maintaining memberships with a variety of dental academies. He and his wife reside in Santa Barbara with their 2 boys.