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Get Off the Dental Treadmill Podcast: Great Dentistry by Dentists Who Lead

Mar 7, 2020

Clinical protocols are strict instructions or steps that must be followed absolutely without any compromise. These steps are based on the best evidence in literature on how to proceed in accomplishing a task or performing a treatment or a diagnosis. It's basically a roadmap for the dentist to follow. Dr. Marwan Abou-Rass is with us today to discuss how large dental practices can increase the quality and productivity of patient care services through the introduction and use of clinical protocols. 


Dr. Abou-Rass holds a master’s degree in Dental Science in Prosthodontics, a certificate in Endodontics and a Ph.D. in Higher Education from the University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Abou-Rass served as Endodontic Department Chairman and Director of the Advanced Endodontic program at the University of Southern California, School of Dentistry (1971-2000) and Director AEGD program at (2000-2012). He is now USC Professor Emeritus, practicing endodontist and publisher of 

During the past few years, Dr. Abou-Rass has been focusing on his continuing education courses on the global problem of substandard care in endodontics and the reasons for the decline in the quality of endodontic education and practice.

 Because general practitioners in the USA and Canada do about 75 to 80% of endodontic treatments, he believes that the introduction of clinical protocols in endodontics helps in improving the quality, efficiency, and productivity of general dentistry practices. In his educational career, Dr. Abou-Rass developed three clinical protocols in endodontics specifically written for General Practitioners 

  • 4R Operational Diagnosis Protocol
  • Composite Post and Core Buildup Protocol
  • Endodontic Treatment Finalization Protocol 

Recently he produced two online continuing dental education master class series. The fist is “ Best Practices In Cracked Teeth Management “ An online five parts series totaling 14 hours of detailed information about his philosophies and approaches in endodontics and the relationship with cracked teeth. The second Master class series is “Advanced Diagnostics for Dental Hygiene Practice.” An online six parts series are totaling 6 hours of endodontic knowledge especially developed for Dental Hygienists.