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Get Off the Dental Treadmill Podcast: Great Dentistry by Dentists Who Lead

Apr 10, 2020

One of the biggest things that we see is people treating for sleep apnea without the proper diagnosis. That will not only get the dentist in a lot of trouble, not just with the insurance company, but their licenses could also be on the line. Jan Palmer is with us today to talk about proper medical insurance reimbursement in the Dental Sleep Medicine world.

Jan has spent nearly 20 years navigating thru the dental-medical world, developing strategies designed to connect the essential services patientsrequire to the well-deserved insurance reimbursement.

Since 2001, she has educated offices throughout the county on how to establish functional and sustainable dental sleep medicine practice management skills and billing protocols. Educating on proper document and ethical billing strategies for Medicare and private insurance. She keeps her skills sharp by putting practice into theory every day.

In addition to speaking and consulting, she is a co-founders of The Dream Sleep Apnea Team, LLC., ( and currently holds positions with 2 Medicare DME Provider Education/Outreach Groups,  and is involved with several other professional organizations.